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With cybercrime steadily increasing at a pace that rivals business and consumer reliance on the internet, you want to assure your customers that their data is safe. Whether you collect personal information, credit card numbers, operate multiple websites, or handle other exchanges of data online, an SSL certificate ensures security and thwarts hackers.

How SSL Certificates Protect Your Data?
Just as your business is built on trust, SSL (which is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer) is a series of sophisticated electronic handshakes that verify that data is safe from tampering or eavesdropping. When the "http:" in a normal url turns to "https:" and the padlock appears on the browser toolbar, you assure users that an SSL web certificate is actively protecting their communication. even an inexperienced hacker to intercept that data. An SSL server certificate provides internet security on servers commonly used for email and electronic fax transmission, IMAP, POP3, and SMTP, banking sites and shopping cart pages on websites.

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