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Tech Synergy: Uniting Business with the Power of Technology

Blockchain Brilliance: Unleashing Business Benefits Together

Empowering seamless adoption of blockchain technologies, we expedite our partners’ journey to market, accelerating product launches. Collaboratively, we unlock the full spectrum of blockchain benefits, reshaping the future of business together.

Our Business Partners

Collaboratively Crafting Innovation: Together, we architect cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

GETBATS strives to develop a daily spending behavior of consumers, offering the best deals from different brands via this platform where people can explore, discover and shop for their desired goods, favorite food, and many more.

With the growing trend of e-commerce and online shopping, PAYBATS as a new e-payment solution provider is ready to stamp its mark in this space. PAYBATS provides total payment solutions and support services to its online and offline merchants.
Create brand awareness and increase your brand exposure by advertising your business through our SEEBATS’ Media-Service Platform. SEEBATS’ streaming platform directs quality traffic to your site improving your web marketing effectiveness and growing your online marketing traffic.

Integrated Blockchain Technology with O2O Business Module

“No Matter What The Context, There’s A Strong Possibility That Blockchain Will Affect Your Business. The Very Big Question Is When.”

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining traction with its decentralized nature. It can fuel new opportunities and benefit businesses through greater transparency, increased security, and easier traceability.

A Commitment Reward System that rewards members with mBTC point rebates. For example, booking hotels or shopping at any one of our merchants or e-commerce partners can easily earn mBTC points. Members are also rewarded for bringing business to merchants, which spurs on even more purchases through our shops and earning potential for all members in the platform.

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