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Enhanced System Functionality

Experience the effectiveness of our uncomplicated yet robust features, designed to amplify productivity and allow you to dedicate your energy to what truly counts — your business.

Membership Services

Effortlessly manage transactions, members, and enhance online presence with our scalable back-office solution.

Digital Wallet Services

Our e-Wallet empowers seamless transactions, securely storing financial flows in digital form within the currency system.

Diverse Product Options

Explore our 3-point pricing: Registration, Order, and Redemption. Each offers flexible setup for seamless experiences.

Real-Time Sales Insights

Gain instant insights into business turnover and profitability through real-time sales transactions.

Hierarchical Mapping

Visualize your team structure like a tree with our user-friendly hierarchy system. Simplify down-line member representation.

Diverse Compensation Options

Admins enable/disable rewards like Sponsor & Level Bonuses, E-commerce Commissions in our versatile back-office.

Blockchain Integration for Your Business

Leverage the potential and versatility of Blockchain to drive your business forward.





StarBox Blockchain Wallet

KPAY Blockchain Wallet

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