Real-time sales transaction helps the business team to understand the turnover and profitability of the business.


All the redemption rules and the percentages are configurable. The Administrators have the full control over the benefits.


Setup Product with 3 types of Points. User can setup 3 type of product pricing, Registration, Order, and Redemption. Each product also consist of pricing, and 3 types of points setup.

Trace Hierarchy

Hierarchy tree is a user-friendly approach to representing the down-line members under you. It describes of team structure in the form of a tree.


The back-office system is scalable to handle unlimited business transactions and can accommodate members.


The E-wallet plays the role of the virtual money where the members are capable of making transactions. All the incomes and expenses are stored in the form the virtual money.


Multiple compensations options are available in back-office, where the administrators can enable and disable rewards like Sponsor Bonus, Level bonus, E-commerce Sales commissions, etc.


Classic back office, where the featured are placed for the easy access. Complete System overview in the dashboard. Easy navigation for easy operations.

Message/ Announcement (Internal)

Message module for the internal communication between members and business team.

User Account Creation

Multiple user types, and access control system to grant specific privileges to specific user type

Theme Design

We analyze and understand the factors like the metrics, target audiences, competition and the design trends that assist us in defining and achieving the right design.
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